Jun 09
Choices Report Announcement

We are excited to announce the release of the Choices Report!

You can view and download the report from the links below:

Richmond Transit Choices Report - May 2016 - Print Quality (30MB PDF)

Richmond Transit Choices Report - May 2016 - Smaller File Size (4MB PDF)

This Choices Report is the first step in the City of Richmond's Transit Network Plan. It lays out certain facts about transit and development in Richmond, and draws the reader's attention to major choices that these facts force us to wrestle with.

The Choices Report offers:

  • An overview of key transit trade-offs;
  • A market assessment of development, jobs, residents, activity and zero-car households in the City of Richmond;
  • A needs analysis to show the spatial distribution of several populations which are key transit users;
  • An assessment of current network and route-by-route productivity and ridership analysis;
  • Review of the Temporary Transfer Plaza, and
  • Interesting trends in Richmond's bus network.

So take a look at the Choices Report and let us know what you think!


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