May 11
Asking about Values and Listening to the Community: Phase 1

We've recently had the chance to engage with the community to talk about the transit choices we face and about how transit can best serve our values.  We held a series of four public meetings around the city on April 19 & 20 and May 3 & 4. We met at Southside Community Services Center on April 19, Peter Paul Development Center on April 20, the DMV on May 3 and the Main Library Auditorium on May 4. In total about 80 people attended our meetings and we had many good questions and thoughtful discussions about transit issues and needs.


Public Meeting at Southside Plaza Community Services Center

At the meetings, our study team provided an overview of the entire planning process and a summary of some of the existing conditions analysis. But the most important part of the discussion was explaining key trade-offs (such as walking versus waiting, peak versus all day service and ridership versus coverage) in how transit can serve our community. Community members asked a lot of good questions about these trade-offs and provided valuable feedback about where on the spectrum of these trade-offs they want Richmond's transit network to fall (because there are not either-or questions – every system makes a choice somewhere between either extreme).


Public Meeting at the Main Public Library

If you couldn't make it to one of our meetings, you still have an opportunity to weigh in on these trade-offs. Take our online survey here:

If you are interested in seeing all the materials presented at our public meeting, please feel free to download the various PDF documents below.

Phase 1 Meeting Presentation

Phase 1 Meeting Handout

Phase 1 Meeting Questionnaire

Phase 1 Meeting Display Boards

We will continue this conversation throughout the year. This summer, we will have maps of conceptual alternatives to show different ways we could design a transit system for Richmond. At that time we'll have additional public meetings, online surveys and other opportunities for you, the public, to tell us how you want transit to serve your community.

The Richmond Transit Network Plan study team has been working hard to get the word out about this plan but if you have a civic group, neighborhood organization, or church who would like to participate, let us know by filling out our contact form here and we will make sure to include you in the next stage of this process.


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