Final Recommended Network

The Richmond Transit Network Plan was completed on March 8, 2017. GRTC Transit System and the City are working together to implement the recommendations of the plan. Please see GRTC website for the most up to date information on implementation.

The Final Network was developed by our study team, including City staff, GRTC and our consulting transit experts (Jarrett Walker + Associates and Michael Baker International). The network is based on the policy direction from the public input received in the planning process, which is detailed in the Final Report (PDF) and summarized in blog posts (Phase 1 Phase 2 and Phase 3 ). At the end of our process, we reviewed all comments and made a few changes (detailed here).

Daytime Network

While the existing transit system has no truly frequent routes, the new network includes six, five new frequent routes plus the Pulse BRT. Four new frequent routes provide service through downtown, reducing the need for transfers. Routes 1, 2 and 3 all connect north/south, while Route 5 and the Pulse BRT provide east/west connections. A fifth paired high frequency route (Route 4a/b) connects Fulton and Fulton Hill to the Pulse BRT at Orleans Station. The daytime network will run from 5am to 7pm weekdays and Saturdays.


An Orbital Line, Route 20 connects southside to the west end to northside, without going through downtown. This makes key connections from residential areas north and south to job centers in the west end much easier for many people. Seamless BRT Connections: All high frequency routes make seamless connections to the Pulse BRT at key downtown stations. Key connections to BRT outside downtown include:

  • Route 4a/b for Fulton at 24th Street, and for the 4b at Route 5 and Orleans Street
  • Route 5 for Church Hill at 24th Street
  • Route 13 for Oakwood and Church Hill at 24th Street
  • Route 14 for VUU and the Hermitage Corridor at the VCU/VUU station
  • Route 20 to/from southside and northside at Robinson Street and Cleveland Street
  • Routes 76 and 77 to Patterson and Grove Avenues at Robinson Street and Willow Lawn.

Downtown Detail 



Evenings and Sunday Network

The evening and Sunday map applies to weekdays after 7pm and Sundays. At night and on Sundays, when the frequencies of all routes are lower, transfers made at random between a pair of routes will take longer. For this reason, the network will include a timed-transfer downtown, in which all buses arrive downtown at the same time, and sit together for a few minutes so that passengers can transfer among any two routes.

Route 7, though not shown on the map, would run from 7am to 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays but only within the City of Richmond; this City-only route will be numbered Route 8. Routes 76, 77, 78, 86 and 87, though not shown, would run on Sundays from 7am to 7pm. See the Route Frequency and Spans of Service Table below for more detail on in dividual route frequency and spans.


Downtown Detail 



Changes since the Final Plan

While most of the feedback we received was supportive, some residents voiced concerns about the draft proposed network.

  • Some routes have been renumbered, as the routes in the planning process were placeholders and planned to be altered at the direction of GRTC.
  • Route 2c will divert slightly from Midlothian Turnpike to serve Crutchfield Street to serve George Wythe High School and some residential housing on Crutchfield Street.  It has also been extended past the VA Hospital, serving E Belt Boulevard, Hopkins Road, Holly Springs Avenue and Broad Rock Road with half-hourly service.
  • Route 5 will now provide slightly closer service to Mosby Court on Accommodation Street and Coalter Street in the inbound direction Monday through Saturday.  This is the same as service provided by the 43 Fairfield today, and was requested by residents of Mosby Court.
  • Routes 4a/b in Fulton now continue until the 24th Street Pulse station, also providing direct access to connections to the rest of the East End and to the East Main commercial district.
  • Route 7 will now operate inside City limits on weekends 7 am to 7 pm, numbered as Route 8.  This increased service is being paid for by the City to provide better access in the East End.
  • Route 14 no longer directly serves the MacArthur and Bellevue commercial districts, instead using Westbrook Avenue between Brook Road and Hermitage Road to serve Westminster Canterbury.
  • Route 19 on Broad Street in Henrico will serve Willow Lawn every 30 minutes from 7 am to 7 pm.  This is part of the Henrico network update which is not part of the RTNP, but is mentioned as this route is shown on the RTNP map.
  • Route 20 now directly serves City Stadium on Maplewood Avenue and Freeman Road.
  • Route 75 from Willow Lawn to UR now follows Libbie Avenue, with a detour on Maple Avenue to serve St. Mary's Hospital, all the way to Grove Avenue before heading to UR, instead of following Patterson to Three Chopt to UR.
  • Route 78 now continues south to Pennsylvania Avenue in the Maymont area, better serving Texas Beach, the James River and Maymont.
  • Route 79 will now follow Patterson to Willow Lawn Drive, turning north to serve the shopping area and the Pulse station.  This is part of the Henrico network update which is not part of the RTNP, but is mentioned as this route is shown on the RTNP map.
  • Route 87, which serves Oak Grove, Hillside Court and Bellemeade, has been rerouted to serve more of Manchester and Springhill and to provide access to the James River and Belle Isle at Riverside Drive and 2nd Street.
  • Route 88, serving the Commerce Road Industrial Area including Phillip Morris and numerous hotels during rush hour only, has been extended along Belt Boulevard to Southside Plaza, providing more connections for workers in that area.

What's Next?

The Richmond Transit Network Plan was completed on March 8, 2017, and GRTC and the final network was approved August 2, 2017.  GRTC will now work to implement the Final Network alongside the Pulse BRT service, which is expected to be completed by June 30, 2018 at the latest. Please see the GRTC website for the most up to date information on implementation. You can continue to connect with us on our Facebook page.