​Compare Your Travel Time

How do these concepts change your access to the riches of your city? The image below shows an example of the interactive webmapping tool where you can select any location in the city and see how the concepts compare. The map will show you how far you can get by walking and transit. You can try your home, work, shopping destinations or any other place your interested in. Click the image below to go to the interactive web map and give it a try!


If you don't want to use the interactive tool at the link above, the examples below, show an imaginary Richmonder, "Jane", at some major destinations in the city. The bubbles around her show you how much of the city has access to or from those destinations, within 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes of travel, by transit and walking.

With these examples, you can compare how much freedom each of the three Concepts give "Jane" to access these places from the rest of the entire city. The places used as examples are near VCU, Whitcomb, Southside Plaza, Carytown and Six Points (Highland Park).

​Example Travel Times

VCU Coverage Map Thumbnail



Whitcomb-Eastview Coverage Map Thumbnail



Southside Plaza Coverage Map Thumbnail

Southside Plaza


Six Points Coverage Map Thumbnail

Six Points


Carytown Coverage Map Thumbnail



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