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The Richmond Transit Network Plan was completed on March 8, 2017. GRTC Transit System and the City are working together to implement the recommendations of the plan. Please see the GRTC website for the most up to date information on implementation.​

The following maps reflect the most recent GRTC updates and are current as of August 2, 2017:



Please click the link below to access the New Route Trip Planner, which compares the old and new transit networks.

What was the Transit Network Plan?

The Richmond Transit Network Plan was a rethink of the city's bus network design in the context of a changing city and the new Pulse BRT.​

The Transit Network Plan was completed from January 2016 to March 2017. The information provided on this website documents the planning process and the three phases of analysis complete for the Transit Network Plan.​

Phase 1 Report

Our Phase 1 document was called the "Choices Report". It laid out certain facts about transit and development in Richmond, and drew the reader's attention to major choices that these facts forced us to wrestle with.

Richmond Transit Choices Report - May 2016 - Print Quality (30MB PDF)

Richmond Transit Choices Report - May 2016 - Smaller File Size (4MB PDF)

Phase 2 Interactive Report

In Phase 2 our team developed three concepts for a new transit network in Richmond. You can read about these concepts here. And you can see how the concepts change your access to the city using our interactive webmap.

In Phase 2 we held 8 public meetings to explain the concepts and received over 900 public survey responses. You can read abo​​ut the re​sponses and our summary of the public feedback here

Phase 3 Draft & Final Report

In Phase 3 our team developed a draft and final recommended transit network for Richmond. Since the release of the final report in March 2017, there have been minor changes made to the map by GRTC.​ For the most current maps,​​​ see the GRTC website​.

In Phase 3, we held 14 public meetings to explain the draft plan. You can read about the responses and out summary of public feedback here​.

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